The Derwent 7 have received support over the last 4 financial year from from Allerdale Borough Council to support the ongoing work of the Derwent 7 in line with Allerdale Borough Councils locality working programme.


The Derwent 7 Adopted a revised Constitution at the meeting of the Cluster Group Meeting on the 3rd March 2014. A copy of the revised constitution can be found here Derwent 7 Constitution Revised-Adopted 3rd March 14

The Derwent Seven is a Community Led Planning Group that was formed in 2008 and is a voluntary association of seven Parish & Town Councils in the Keswick area. Most of the parishes had already completed a parish plan before the formation of the Derwent 7. The seven parishes and copies of their parish/town plans are listed below:

Minutes of the Derwent 7 AGM held on Monday 2nd September 2013 can be found here .

Derwent 7 activity was put into hibernation in late 2011 due to a lack of funding. It was confirmed in early 2013 that the Derwent 7 has been successful in securing a small amount of funding from the Lake District National Park Authority toward administration costs of the Derwent 7 for a further two year period. Minutes of the last two meetings are on the Derwent 7 Cluster Group page.

The Derwent 7 recently produced and circulated an update on the work of the Derwent 7 over the past year a copy of this update can be found here

The Derwent 7 accounts for the year ending 31st March 2011 can be found here

NB. The Lake District National Park Authority give a realistic and useful shelf life of 5 years to community plans therefore some of the documents provided above are now getting to the point of being out of date. However they have been included on this website as they played a key part in the formation of the Derwent 7 and its sub groups, and also because many of the issues mentioned in the parish plans are still applicable today.

The Derwent 7 provided administration support to Action with Communities in Cumbria who have been working with a local group in Borrowdale to develop a Borrowdale Gravel Management Plan, the FINAL version is avaliable to view here BORROWDALE FINAL REPORT June2011

If you want any further information on the Derwent 7 or have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on derwent7@hotmail.co.uk

‘Supported by the Lake District National Park Investing in Communities programme, a partnership with Action with Communities in Cumbria and Cumbria Rural Housing Trust’

The Derwent 7 has also received funding support from Cumbria County Council’s Local Committee for the Allerdale area.

All images by Becx Carter. Copyright retained by Becx Carter